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2017 News

The deadline for this year's meeting has now passed.  The meeting will be held mid June and decisions will be reported on this page. 

Reports for grants made last year are due 15th May.

Next year's deadline is 31st March 2018. 

2016 News

The next deadline is 31st March 2017.  Please check out our guidelines before applying.

Following our meeting in June we made the following grant awards:

Assist Trust - £5,000 for a café worker;

Me 2 Club - £2,300 for a teenager retreat; and to

Roundabout - £5,000 for dramatherapy classes.

Thank you to everyone who applied.  We are sorry that we cannot give to everyone.  But please check out our guidelines and if you can meet our criteria, please submit your bid for the next deadline. 

More News:

We now have a twitter account @DobsonTrust


2015 News

The meeting was held in June 2015.  25 bids were received in the year and 7 were made as follows:


Application Process

Due to the large number of applications last year a new application process has been put in place.  
Revised guidelines have been issued.  
All applications must be submitted electronically accompanied by a completed cover sheet, the template must be downloaded from the website. 
The deadline for the  June 2015 meeting is now closed.  The next meeting for grants to be considered will be June 2106 with a deadline of 31st March 2016

Grants awarded in 2014

Full Life Church – Cafe worker                                  £2,029
Linkable – Cafe                                                         £5,100
Speak Up – Cook Eat                                                £4,216
Stepping Stones – Catering tutor                              £5,000
The Limes  - Stepping into Work                               £5,800
Top Church Training – Choices Basic life skills         £2,276
Voluntary Action Epping Forest - Allotment               £4,901
Yellow Submarine – cafe   Second year instalment  £6,691

Snippets from October 2014 meeting.

We have decided that all communications will now be via email.  
New guidelines will be issued in the coming months.
8 grants were awarded.  


The deadline for the 2014 meeting has passed.  The meeting was held in October and all applicants will be advised of success or otherwise by the end of November.   

The deadline for 2015 will be advised in due course.

Grants for 2013

The fiftieth meeting of the trustees was held in November 2013 at which the trustees were pleased to make the following grants:

Where Next – towards salary of Hub manager  £5,000

Llandovery Theatre – drama workshops  £6,000

Break Charity – Mentoring service  £5,000

Roundabout – Drama therapy sessions  £8,100

Yellow Submarine – supported work experience  £2,736 with a further figure pledged for 2014

Total grants given £26,836.  This was slightly over income but as the previous year had been under, it was felt that this was affordable.

It was noted that it was good to be able to support every bid submitted.

All grant receivers from the previous year had submitted reports as requested. 

It was agreed that it would be a good idea to put the charity onto the Funding Central website.  Hopefully this will result in more bids that fit our criteria.  If this resulted in too many and inappropriate bids we could remove ourselves in the future.   

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